International Cooperation Network


The Needdo Youth Exchange is getting ready

  The Needdo Youth Exchange, a project financed by Erasmus +, fosters social innovation among european youth, between 17 and 25 years old. The main activity of the project is a Youth Exchange in which... Leer más →

Ten priorities for mentoring success

Xavier Bosch, CEO of ReachOut, one partner of  ICNET Network, shows the 10 priorities for a mentoring success project As I see it, from the perspective which 30 years in business and 15 years as CEO... Leer más →

Training seassons

Fecha de inicio: Durante las primeras semanas de septiembre Numero de participantes: entre 175 y 225 mentores A quien va dirigido: Va dirigido a todos los jóvenes que quieran realizar voluntariado con ReachOut!, y es... Leer más →


What is ICnet?

ICNET is an International Network that promotes volunteering among youth. It was founded in 1993 by Cooperación Internacional NGO and is formed by more than 20 organizations. ICNET has contributed to take a step forward in coordinating European organizations whose mission is related to youth training.

Nowadays instructing young people is an objective followed by the European Union because they must be concerned of the need of being responsible and active citizens.